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I'm new to autoit and havent been able to find how to run a script inside of another program. I would like to bind it to some key on my keyboard F5 for example I'd like to be able to press F5 and have the script run. If this is possible please tell me how

If the program you are using is an AutoIt program you can use HotKeySet. Failing that you could write a script to start the program and still use HotKeySet.

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i still cant get it to work like i said im new to autoit so you need to treat me like an idiot

here is the script i have basically all i want it to do is shoot 3 times EXTREMELY fast with a semi-auto shotgun

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


; AutoIt Version: 3.1.0

; Author: A.N.Other <myemail@nowhere.com>


; Script Function:

; Template AutoIt script.

;HotKeySet ( "V" )

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start - Add your code below here

MouseClick ( "left" )

Sleep (150)

MouseClick ( "Left" )

Sleep (150)

MouseClick ( "left" )

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well thats not what you asked before but...

Hotkeyset( "v", "Shoot") ;HotKey(v) to perform Function "Shoot"

Func Shoot() ;Starts Function "Shoot" for HotKey 
    $pos = MouseGetPos() ;Sets a Variable for $Pos making it Equal to what the current mouse postion is.
    MouseClick("Left", $pos[0], $pos[1], 3) ;Clicks the Current Mouse positon 3 times which reading the help files says that the return value for MouseGetPos() is the VariableName($pos) with [0] for X and [1] for Y.
EndFunc ;Ends Function
While 1 ;Starts a loop
    Sleep(100) ;Sleeps(This is to keep autoit running)
Wend ;End loop

First off you should get scite and Beta... then open the help file in scite... thats all you would need for something this simple.

Second you must know that anything that follows a ; is comment or inother words is not use autoit will skip over and thing after a ; (on each line)

So ;HotKeySet("v") was not only roung but would do nothing...

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Not too sure if this is what you're looking for, but someone helped me before so I'll give you an example of what I have.

When you press Divide on the Numpad it will say "Hey, it is working!"

When you press the Escape key, it will quit the script.


AutoItSetOption ( "SendKeyDelay", 0 ) ; The key delay 0 = instant, 1 = fastest

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

HotKeySet("{NUMPADDIV}", "one")

While 1



Func Terminate()

Exit 0


Func one()

Send("Hey, it is working!", 1)



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