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AUTOIT and Terminal Services RD Web Page

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I am trying to setup an automation script to validate that specific applications are functioning on my clients Windows 2012 Terminal Server Web Page.  The first question is I can't seem to find a way to click on the Microsoft Excel icon (see attachment for TS Web Page image), do you know if this is possible and how?  FYI, if I view the source it is three pages long of random text listed below (I have shortened up where the ..... are).

<div class="tswa_boss" tabindex="0" onmouseup="goRDP(this, 'redirectclipboard%3Ai%3A1%0D%0Aredirectposdevices%3Ai%3A0%0D%0Aredirectprinters%3Ai%3A1%0D%0Aredirectcomports%3Ai%3A1%0D%0Aredirectsmartcards%3Ai%3A1%0D%0Adevicestoredirect%3As%3A*%0D%0Adrivestoredirect%3As%3A*%0D%0Aredirectdrives%3Ai%3A1%0D%0Asession%20bpp%3Ai%3A32%0D%0Aprompt%20for%20credentials%20on%20client%3Ai%3A1%0D%0Aspan…….EFHSe8%20%20%0D%0AWorkspace%20Id%3As%3ASERVERNAME.DOMAIN.COM%0D%0A');" onkeypress="onmouseup()" title="Microsoft Office Excel 2007" onmouseover="tswa_bossOver(this)" onmouseout="tswa_bossOut(this)" xmlns:msxsl="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xslt" xmlns:rapExtObj="urn:rapExtObj"><img class="tswa_vis0" src="/RDWeb/Pages/images/ivmo.png"><img class="tswa_iconimg" src="/RDWeb/Pages/rdp/EXCEL032x32.png"><div class="tswa_ttext">Microsoft Office Excel 2007</div>

The second question is that once a terminal server application is launched, is it possible for AUTOIT to interact with it? 

Thanks for any assistance.

TS Image.png

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