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Get HTML Document from Internet Explorer_Server

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Hi All,

I just starting to learn using AutoIt.
I'm trying to get the HTML document in an embeded Internet Explorer_Server in a windows application.

Below is the code I used :

var topLevelWindow = AutoItX.WinGetHandle("[CLASS:TMainFrm]");

 if (topLevelWindow == IntPtr.Zero)
    //MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Could not find a top level window with '{0}' in its name.",
    //                              TopLevelWindowSubstring));
     return null;

IntPtr ieWindow = IntPtr.Zero;
EnumChildWindows(topLevelWindow, FindEmbeddedIEWindow, ref ieWindow);
if (ieWindow == IntPtr.Zero)
    //MessageBox.Show(string.Format("Could not find an IE window as a child of HWND 0x{0}.",
    //                              topLevelWindow.ToString("x")));
    return null;

uint htmlGetObjectMessage = RegisterWindowMessage(WMHtmlGetObject);

object documentObject;

UIntPtr sendMessageResult = UIntPtr.Zero;
SendMessageTimeout(ieWindow, htmlGetObjectMessage, UIntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero,
                                   SendMessageTimeoutFlags.SMTO_NORMAL, 10000, out sendMessageResult);

Unfortunately I still unable to retrieve the HTML Document since it return me zero.
Anyone know what I did wrong here ?

Thanks in advance.

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