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Using RunAs to install software

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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to using AutoIT and am currently stuck at trying to install software using the RunAs function.

I'm trying to run a bat file as an admin and the end result should be a desktop icon, however, this is only happening if I use the credentials of the user that is currently logged in. This is what I'm doing so far:

; Script Start - Add your code below here

#include <AutoItConstants.au3>

$program = "\\share\softwaredeployment\software\program.bat"

RunAs("admin", "acme.com", "Forum123", $RUN_LOGON_PROFILE, $program)

When I run that script, nothing happens, when I change the credentials to the currently logged on user, it will create the icon.

I have tried replacing the logon flag, $RUN_LOGON_PROFILE with the other three variations, (NOPROFILE, NETWORK & INHERIT) but no luck.

What am I doing incorrectly?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and help.




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The RunAs function does not run a process with the Admin Token.  It only runs it as the requested user.  Have a look at this thread for a similar situation to what you are trying to do.  




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