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ExcelCOM Documentation

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I will transfer documentation to try to keep the UDf 1st post shorter;

please reply onnly to the other thread [link in signature]

Best, Randall

Here is the more formal attempt at a UDF with examples of usage.


Description: Various functions to communicate with Excel files via com

Turns off calculation to manual, and returns to auto/ manual which was preset if "Save" requested

Can display [/ or not] as it goes, save at end or not, and exit with /or without] save

Simple; Read, Add, Write ("Into")

Complex; Write on a row (option column) a tab-delimited string (eg from text file)

Complex; Append after last row as option

Short Syntax










_XLexit($sFilePath) [saves changes and exit Excel] -or _XLexit($sFilePath, "Save")

_XLexit($sFilePath,$Save) [/ _XLexit($FilePath,"NOSave"); NO changes and exit Excel]










$XLCopyRange=_XLCopy($cFilePath,$Sheet,$NamedRange) -PAIRED WITH






Long : _ExcelCOM($sFilePath,$Sheet,$Column,$Row,$MEExcelCom,$Save,$ExcelValue,$Visible,$Exit,$LastRow,$ToColumn)===============================================================================


_XLArrayRead, _ XLArrayWrite _AddGeneral

_XLSaveAs with "csv" // XLFormat // XLCreateBlank // 1_8_2

_XLArrayRead, _ XLArrayWrite _AddGeneral 1.7.8

_XLCopy, _XLCopyTo 1.7.5 Sept23rd

_XLReadOnly 1.6.9 Sept21stfunction -better, ?got it with compounds

_XLSaveAs to open template and save new name; then open that one if you want...

_XLSort EDIT Sept19th 1_4_7 - Added sort command; usage;

_XLSheetPropsSept21st **EDIT-SaveAs, ReadOnly; OK now? changed1.6.7//Sept21st 1_6_4 array already in "return"

EDIT; Attachment UDF (end of post) goes in your "include" directory; then run examples with "#include")

(SQLite needs dll registered - caution above - thanks ptrex)

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