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Hi guys


I just have a question in general because I'm not even sure if it is possible.

Has anyone of you ever used the Cisco UCCX API and if so, is it possible to use it with AutoIT? It uses XML/JSON, REST etc to communicate with the server.

My goal is to create my own free phonebook that can get the current status of the Phone numbers available on the server (Available, Calling, Offline, ...) and maybe even making it tell the server to make a Phone call from within my phonebook, without having to use the VoIP Phone (hardware)

At the moment i'm using "PETER Connects" but the license is not cheap and it has a butload of buttons etc that aren't even compatible with the current server.

I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me out a bit.


I found this but I don't want to learn how to work with this API if it isn't possible to use with AutoIt : https://developer.cisco.com/site/uccxapi/overview/




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