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Chris Loh

Scritp paused

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Chris Loh

Dear Support,

I have created a script to run Microsoft Navision Client Installation. It did run successfully in P4 machine but failed to run on P3 machine. Why?

Then I created the similar script on this P3 machine and it run fine. Anything that I can ensure that the script I created in my notebook P4 machine can be run successfully in different type/model of PCs?

The script did run with "Script Paused". Why paused?

I have attached both scripts for you to review. Let me know what is the actual problem. I actually recorded the script using Autoit 3.0, the latest version.

1. The script called "Navision Client version 4.0 Installation branch version.au3" was created using P3 machine.

2. The script called "Navision Client version 4.0 Installation.au3" was created using P4.


Chris Loh



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