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Hey guys,

So, hopefully this isn't a stupid question.

I've been working on making an auto-rotation set up for a game where it fires off skills when certain prerequisites are met. The main way that I've been doing this is through PixelGetColor, and it seems to be working mostly the way that I want it to.

One issue that I'm having, however, is that the keys seem to be trying to be pressed at the same time (or incredibly close together), which is causing some skills to be missed entirely.

Just to be clear, this isn't a delay issue as such. It's more like the script doesn't quite know if it should press 1 or 4, so it just sticks with pressing 1 over and over again. Here's the segment that I'm a little stuck on:


Let's say that there needs to be 5x (game) resource to use Send 4 (which is indicated by the PixelGetColor). About 80% of the time, if Send 4 and Send 1 are both available, it will choose Send 1 (repeatedly).

I hope I explained that clearly. Thanks for any help that you might be able to give!

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Let's say that there needs to be 5x (game)

Any kind of interaction with games is not allowed in this forums, Please read the forum rules! :)

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