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Need a kickstart concept

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I'm a total newbie, but I used to work with Visual Basic.  I'm having a hard time getting my arms around AutoIt V3.3.14.2 (s/b latest).

I have a project, but no plan yet.  I can run(notepad) and send and use $s = msgbox(0,"title","Body").  That's where I am.

I read the NY Times everyday.  It comes to my email client which is Outlook.exe (2007) (not outlook.com).

What I want to do is automate, either starting Outlook.exe, or once in Outlook.exe, finding an email that includes the "Today's Headlines:" part of the window title which today is  . . . "Today's Headlines: Pakistan University Attack Kills at Least 19, Official Says - Message (HTML) ".  Once found, opening the message and zoom it to 200% for easy reading.

I'm open to possibilities, but would like to open the script with a hotkey, or a pushbutton that I have on Outlook.exe's Quick access toolbar, or something I can put on the task-bar, or even a task I can schedule on startup.  Like I said, I'm open to learning, not looking for free code, just free advice.

Thanks already,



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