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AutoIt Error: Unknown function name.

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I am receiving the following message when I attempt to start a process that invokes the execution of a Autoit executable file.

Line 2 (File"C:\....\MozilliaOpeningPositing.exe"):

Error: Unknown function name.

The code within the file is as follows:

#region --- Au3Recorder generated code Start (v3.3.9.5 KeyboardLayout=00000809)  ---
WinWaitActivate("Opening Posting","")
#endregion --- Au3Recorder generated code End ---

Having read previous posts relating to a similar problem I did remove the underscore at the start of the line 2 which read _WinWaitActivate("Opening Posting",""). However this did not resolve the problem.

Can anyone provide some assistance here?

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WinWaitActive....search in helpfile next time, that's one of the most basic functions there is.

F1 in the scite window

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The underscore needs to be there but you are missing the UDF which should have been generate by Au3Recorder as well:

Func _WinWaitActivate($title,$text,$timeout=0)
    If Not WinActive($title,$text) Then WinActivate($title,$text)



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