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IE Browse Button Choose File to Upload

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I have a script that opens IE then looks to upload a file to the webpage.  The code below is to click on the BROWSE button...This is successful.

Local $Btn = _IEGetObjByName($oIE, "file")
 _IEAction($Btn, "click")

Then when the CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD window opens the next part of my script fails.

WinActivate("[CLASS:#32770]", "")
WinFlash("[CLASS:#32770]", "", 4, 500)
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "Edit1")
ControlSetText("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "Edit1", $file)
ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "Button1")

Consequently, if I manually click CANCEL in the CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD Window then manually click BROWSE to reopen the CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD Window the next part of my script runs successfully adding the FILE to the CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD Window.  Is there something that I'm missing to have this run seamlessly?

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