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i have played league of legends for a long time and i love the login screens - i have managed to locate the files where the intro and loop video's are that make the login screen and i began to think to myself how awesome it would be to have my desktop background 

i have seen programs that can set video's as desktop background but i think the $20 for the only one that actually works on windows 10 is extremely overpriced for what it is so is it possible to make a small program that while running just adds the "Set as Desktop" button to the drop menu on video's and have it serve its purpose?

i know theres a small free one on windows 7 that does that but im on windows 10 and that program doesnt work on windows 10 in my experience.

i have no idea where to start - i want to have video's play continuously on loop for a set time before moving to the next video and looping that for example having a 3 second video play on loop for 1 minute before changing to the next and thats literally it - kinda sad that microsoft hasnt made it a standard feature

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