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script work on IE7,8,9 but not work on IE10 >

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Hello All, can you explain me why my script (compilated .exe) working on old IE ver. 9, 8, 7 but when i try  run this compilated .exe on system with IE10 (win7, win8) it's wont started, no error, just nothing happend.

#include <IE.au3>
$sIE = @ProgramFilesDir & '\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'
RunAs('username', 'domain', 'password', 0, $sIE & ' http://myportal.com', "", @SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED)


P.S. The script needs to access the corporate portal with specific credentials, and the employees themselves should not see a login and password by which they are authorized. If there is full of another way to do it but my script, I'll be glad to see an example. Thank you.

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"Microsoft has ended support for older versions of Internet Explorer, sending a clear message: It's time for enterprises to adopt the latest version of all its products."

read here: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/microsoft-jettisons-support-for-legacy-software/?ftag=TREe331754&bhid=46716094

check with an administrator that the corporate portal accepts clients using IE11

(forget the older versions of Internet explorer)

test your script one more time using Internet Explorer 11


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