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check that all steps are finished

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I am writing a student registartion program My program checks for the presance of our required software and if the software is found the coresponding button is disables so only the steps they need are enabled. At the very end when there are no more steps I want to enable a finish button. The first registartion we had all buttons enabled and they disapeared in order. This time around most students should be compliant so each student may have a little different requirements. Any ideas how to do this so nobody can skip to the end (they will) I am greatful to all who help on this forum

$1button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("1. Set network ID",50,100,200,40,$BS_LEFT)

$2button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("2. Remove old antivirus",50,150,200,40,$BS_LEFT)

$3button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("3. Install NOD32 Antivirus",50,200,200,40,$BS_LEFT)

$4button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("4. Install and run CCleaner",50,250,200,40,$BS_LEFT)

$5button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("5. Full virus scan",50,300,200,40,$BS_LEFT)

$6button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("6. Install Spy Sweeper",50,350,200,40,$BS_LEFT)

$7button = GUICtrlCreateButton ("7. Reboot your computer",50,400,200,40,$BS_LEFT)







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