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I'm trying to use Martin's commg UDF, Im trying to get this to connect to a bluetooth device set up on COM4. I know COM4 exists and is open, but the UDF is telling me it's not available. I use a terminal app and I get connection and can see all the transfers. I use another app and I get connection. But come back to my script it wont set the COM port. I can set other ports just fine within my app and another app i made.....just not this particular port. Am I unable to set ports that communicate with bluetooth devices for some reason?

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Very odd. I put the bluetooth com port through a virtual com port(bluetooth port as input, and virtual port as output)....xport is the name of the virtual com port app....and conncted to the xport com with no issue. Any thoughs? Because I really dont want to do it this way.

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