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Issues Compiling with AutoIt v3.3.14.2

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When Compiling the Source with AutoIt v3.3.14.2, I encountered some issues.

First I changed the Directives to remove the obsoleted values:


to be 



Then in LIbs/resources.au3 there are two lines:

./Libs/resources.au3:           $hImage = DllCall($ghGDIPDll,"int","GdipCreateBitmapFromStream", "ptr",$pStream, "ptr*",0)
./Libs/resources.au3:           $pBitmap = DllCall($ghGDIPDll,"int","GdipCreateBitmapFromStream", "ptr",$pStream, "ptr*",0)

That reference $ghGDIPDll that is not defined anywhere.  Looking around I found a reference to $__g_hGDIPDll so I changed those two lines to the reference I found.


In Ford Builder Source, around line 7081 where there is no space between the "]" and "Then".

If $Parents[$i] = $GUIHandles[_GetCurrentWin()]Then


If $Parents[$i] = $GUIHandles[_GetCurrentWin()] Then


Now it will compile.  When I run it, I get:

"D:\Downloads\AutoIt\Form Builder Source\Form Builder Source_stripped.au3" (22718) : ==> Subscript used on non-accessible variable.:
WinMove($__hWnd_SciLexer, "", 152, 54, $hGUIWidth, $hClientSize[1]-54-$hOutputSize[1]-7)
WinMove($__hWnd_SciLexer, "", 152, 54, $hGUIWidth, $hClientSize[1]-54-$hOutputSize^ ERROR


Here I traced the problem down to line 14910:

$hOutputSize = WinGetClientSize($hOutputEditor)

Which is returning an Error and $hOutputSize being undefined value so the reference to $hOutputSize[1] is not accessible.

The Handle $hOutputEditor is set on Line 267:

$hOutputEditor = Sci_CreateEditor($hGUI, 152, 527, 646, 177)

Which is assigned a value of 0x0000000000000000

Any help on getting it to compile on the newer AutoIt would be appreciated.





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