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Running autoit script on currently running software without hindering current UI of software

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I have an autoit script which interacts with an already running software on Windows. The software is something like a restaurant management/Point of Sales software. Typically to generate performance reports from this software there are a few series of steps that need to completed by a user by navigating through clicks and buttons on User Interface of this software. The autoit script would do this report generation process automatically.

The challenge I am facing is, I want to run the autoit script even when the software is being used by some user. Eventually, using Task Scheduler I would automate the periodic execution of autoit script. As the software would be in use by someone when this autoit script would be running, I would want that the script doesn't interfere with current operation (as being operated by a user). Currently when the script runs, it just goes through all the steps on the UI of the software itself thus hindering the user's current actions and changing the window in focus as per the requirement of the autoit code. I am mainly using ControlClick as below in my script:

    ControlClick("Restaurant Point of Sale", "", "[CLASS:POSButton; INSTANCE:34]")
    ControlClick("Restaurant Point of Sale", "","","left", 1, 85, 210)

I have browsed a lot of content and many solutions under the category "running autoit script in background/silently" and they don't seem to work or are very confusing. I would really appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks in advance.

Note: Starting a parallel instance of the software and executing the autoit script on that instance is not an available option.

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@iamaoxdo, welcome to the forum. Automating the GUI of an application is just that, programmatically walking through the same steps you would do if you were in front of the screen yourself. If you want to be able to emulate some of the same processes the application goes through, without actually clicking buttons in the GUI, you're going to have to find out if it has an API you can interface with directly.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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