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Poll Data from network connected device

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I've dug around for a while but can't quite track down exactly what i'm trying to accomplish.

I have devices that i can use telnet, hyperterminal, putty, etc to connect to these devices with tcp. Once connected i send ctrl+a 200 and it returns data. I then save the data to file for parsing. I would love to be able to poll this data without using an outside terminal emulator is possible.

I've played with the TCP functions and am able to connect to the device, but using TCPSend, TCPRecv I am unable pull the data.

Is there something I'm missing here? Any advice pointers, etc would be greatly appreciated!

Larry B

We have enough youth. How about a fountain of SMART?

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Hi Larry,

What are exactly these devices you are talking about? What are you trying to accomplish exactly with them?

Maybe there is a better way to achieve what you want than using tcp/telnet :)


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The devices I'm connecting to are fuel tank gauges. The devices have either a tcp/ip card or a rs-232 card connected to an ip to serial converter. I can connect to them using the ip address or directly to the serial card (with hyperterminal, telnet, putty, etc) and send a keyboard command (ctlr+a 200) and it returns the current tank inventory on the screen.

I already have it automated this using puttytel and its log feature to do what I needed as a quick and dirty method, just wanted to do all of this internally in a program without having to use a separate terminal program.

We have enough youth. How about a fountain of SMART?

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Found this on the forum:


but I don't know if it's really working :)

I don't think autoit is able to deal directly with telnet/ssh connections right now, but as you did it can be use to pilot third party softwares that can do it :)

However i must say that quick and dirty is good enough for me if it's able to be reliable enough, so if I were you I wouldn't spend too much time on this if it's already working and reliable ;)

Have a nice day

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