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Problem with FileInstall()

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Don't know if anything I did wrong with FileInstall() function ???

I Included a file that from Windows 2000 resource kit, netdom.exe in my script using this expression


As my netdom.exe placed with the script file when compile, I copy the execute on C: then it can extract the netdom.exe for me, but if I place it in some directory say C:\Download, it can't extract the netdom.exe for me, I tried the syntax like this.



And it print me a success return but with no file exist, how come ???

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Fileinstall act as a filecopy when not compiled.

so the forcing to overwrite just destroy the file. It was a bug in filecopy I assume there is the same error in fileinstall. no ptroblem if you compile your script the file will be placed in the @scriptdir. B)

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