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I am fairly new to the Autoit group and am vastly amazed by the capability and potential. But at the moment am a little lost on how to do something.

All I need is a script that will open a .html file as a .txt and copy a single area of text (not the whole line, just a small section) to the clipboard. If it could copy it straight from the .html file that would be even better! If this could all happen in the background, and not interfere with what I'm doing in the foreground at the time, that would be optimal.


I'm currently working on my first project and have most certainly bitten off more than I can chew, so any help on this small section or all of it would be helpful.

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Use FileRead to read the file to a variable. From there you can find the line you want. Even better, if everything is split up by a new line and you need a specific line number you can use _FileReadToArray to store the file in an array and access the line you want in the array.

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