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I use:

$a=run(@ComSpec & ' /c "persist.exe"')

to execute "persist.exe" that remains running.

In Win7 with


i can to close the windows from "persist.exe" and "persist.exe" remains running but in win10 it not work because remains windows with conhost.exe process.

How to close the dos windows that launch a dos software that remains running?

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start the program without displaying the "DOS Box":


run(@ComSpec & ' /c "persist.exe"',@TempDir,@SW_HIDE)


Or start the program directly, without a "launching" CMD box:



<edit: Quotation typo, 2nd code window>

Regards, Rudi.

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unable to edit the "CODE", there is a "' behind the .EXE, that should be a " only.

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