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Exit then auto restart a autoit exe

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@cyberalau3 if you need to perform repeatable steps, then you should be putting those steps in a function. You can then call that function as many times as needed, without all this stopping and relaunching mess. If you provide some actual info regarding what you're trying to accomplish, we can certainly assist you further.

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I have a small backup utility that I wrote and have 2 monitors. My wife has only one but I wanted it to run on my 2nd monitor and on her PC with only 1 monitor. I can get all the windows and so forth to show on my 2nd monitor by using negative horizontal positions. I have a text file that I investigate when I first start the application to see if it wants to run on my second monitor or on my wife's primary monitor. But at times I want to run it on either my 1st or 2nd monitors. So I have a option to switch from 1st to 2nd and vice versa, but when I do switch, I have to exit then manually restart for the change to take effect. I thought if I could just automate the exit and restart it would be smoother. Hope this helps. I know a little about DOS batch files so I will try your approach.

Thanks so much for your suggestion and I will try to do this myself.  Just a old fart that still loves to do this kind of stuff.

Thanks much


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