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Guest Benny

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Guest Benny

Can someone please help, I need to write a script for greek XP

The main problem I am facing is the window names

e.g. winwaitactive, "Ïäçãüò äçìéïõñãßáò óýíäåóçò"

when this script is saved under ANSI it is changed to

winwaitactive, "Iacauo acieiona?ao oyiaaoco" which does not work.

IF I save the file as Unicode etc. I get errors from Autoit has anyone seen this before or is there a way around it.



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Tried the below in Version 3 and this test works fine for me:

Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)
$TITLE = 'Ïäçãüò äçìéïõñãßáò óýíäåóçò'
While 1
   If WinActive('Ïäçãüò äçìéïõñãßáò óýíäåóçò') Then 

Func ChgTitle()
   WinSetTitle("Notepad","",'Ïäçãüò äçìéïõñãßáò óýíäåóçò')
EndFunc  ;==>ChgTitle

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I normally use UltraEdit, so I didn't notice anything, but when I went and used notpad, I saw that it saves some of those characters diferently.

You might want to use a different editor, might I sugest:


the SC1.exe is a plain all in one file version.

The full version SciTE.exe has a complete lexel in the scripts and scraps forrum that does all sorts of nice highlighting and Intellisense.


Saving the file with these keeps all your characters intact, for me at least.

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