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open window application from "open dialogue box" and make it always on top?

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Hi guys!  Here is my code:




#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StructureConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#include <FileConstants.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

AutoItSetOption ( "MustDeclareVars", 1)

;==========code here============

Func _Run_file()
    ; path of window application
    Local $_duong_dan_file_name = FileOpenDialog("chọn tập tin của bạn",  @WindowsDir & "\", "All (*.*)", $FD_FILEMUSTEXIST)
    ; execute it
    local $_app_run = ShellExecute($_duong_dan_file_name,"","","",@SW_MAXIMIZE)
    ; make it "always on top"
    WinSetOnTop($_app_run, "", $WINDOWS_ONTOP)



WinSetOnTop Func doesn't work! :(

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It couldn't work:



Runs an external program using the ShellExecute API.

Return Value

Success: the PID of the process that was launched. Or -1 if there was no PID available.
Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero.


Change a window's "Always On Top" attribute.

WinSetOnTop ( "title", "text", flag )


title The title/hWnd/class of the window to change. See Title special definition.
text The text of the window to change. See Text special definition.
flag Determines whether the window should have the "TOPMOST" flag set.
    $WINDOWS_NOONTOP (0) = remove on top flag
    $WINDOWS_ONTOP (1) = set on top flag

Constants are defined in "AutoItConstants.au3".

because a pid is not the needed hwnd.

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