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Open Non-White List URLs from Remote Desktop on Local Client

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Hi All,

Have many users working via remote desktop and need to control Internet browsing on the server. I have no problems with setting this up except for the part if the URL isn't in the white list and I need to redirect to the local computer. I'm not sure if/how I can run the browser on the local computer and pass it the url.

In 50% of the cases I can install or even pre-install something on the local computer, about 25% of the time I can at least download an app to the local computer to run without an install, the last 25% I have no ability to do anything outside RDP client or the browser.

Any input on the server to client communication would be great. If there is something that can be done via the remote desktop browser... that would be great too.



  Open Non-White List URLs from Remote Desktop on Local Client

Config -

  Path and Name of Browser to Use (Option to OverRide Default Browser)


White List -

  Master White List of about 25 URLs Permitted to Run on Remote Desktop Server

  Per User White List Selected from Master White List

  Admin to Access Any URL


If URL is Found in User's White List -

  Open URL in Remote Browser


If URL is Not Found in Users White List -

  Redirect URLs and Open in Local Client Browser


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