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TCP "environment variables" - how do I set those?

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This is a followup question to my previous thread about TCP requests, but since it's a different question, I wanted to start a new thread.

I spoke to the sysAdmin today, and they also looked over my code. What they pointed out was that I was missing a few values that I'm going to call "environment variables" but I'm not really sure exactly what they are.  I've not been able to find any kind of option or indication in the AutoIt documentation that fits the bill, so I'll ask here.

They are telling me that the request needs to include a ClientId = 4 and an AppType = 2.  These are values that they sent to me when they sent me the IP and the port, so I was aware of them, but maybe got off course on a wild goose chase with the 1000's of requests hitting their server.  I've asked the server admins if they can send me a block of example code that shows these variables being used in any language (I assume they'll send me java) so that I might get some clues on how they fit in, but in the mean time, I'm still lost.

I've searched a lot but so far, I've been unable to find any kind of example in any language that utilizes these types of "environment variables" in making a TCP or UDP request.  What am I missing?


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