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Windows Explorer Remote Computer File System

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I've searched the forums, help and Google extensively. I have a GuiCtrlCreateButton and  GuiCntrlCreateInputs. The input fields include username, password, domain and IP Address (or computer name). I want it so that when I click on the button, that Windows File Explorer (explorer.exe) launches, connects to a network computer (from the IP Address input field) hidden share (C$) and authenticates using the admin username, password and domain provided from the input fields.

I have tried _WinNet_AddConnection2 which I don't believe is correct. I have also tried RunAs($Username, $Domain, $Password, $RUN_LOGON_PROFILE, ShellExecute ("C:\Windows\explorer.exe", $Hostshare)) which is not working either. This 2nd one connects to the hidden share but then prompts for username and password.


Thank you for any help.

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