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autoit to write an autoit. = IFTTT

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Does this exist?

I was running a windows process for hours and every once in a while it popped up a dialogue requiring me to press ok.

I thought - wish I had an autoit for this.... You know what would be cool - would be an autoit that I run that would do that for me - make an "if this then that".

So I run IFTTT.au3
I point to the OK button and click it.
Then it would repeat that from then on ... watch for the popup - and do the action.
Or it could write the au3 - whichever.

That would be cool - does it exist?

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Look in the help file for these functions

WinExists("Title"[, "Text"])
ControlClick ( "title", "text", controlID [, button = "left" [, clicks = 1 [, x [, y]]]] )


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