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_GUICtrlTreeView_Expand hits recurssion limit

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Background: we have an app that was recently able to be built as 32 bit and 64 bit.  One of the windows is a File Explorer, but uses a tree view (don't ask me why) to navigate the file structure

On the 32bit app, it was scripted to grab the c:, and double click it (_GUICtrlTreeView_ClickItem), which worked fine, it would expand the c: to allow the next item to be double clicked, etc, until the file was selected.

On the 64bit app, when running scite as 64 bit, the _GuiCtrlTreeView_ClickItem returns an error level > 0 (I haven't put a lot of debugging into why, but I prefer to not use mouseclicks when other methods are available anyways), so I was converting to use the other functions to not use clicks:





I attempted using _GUICtrlTreeView_Expand, but this function recursively opens ALL directories, which hits the recursion limits.  Is there another ready made function to NOT expand recursively?  I just want the item  I specified to expand, and I'll logically keep digging deeper and expanding the additional items.  If not, I'll make my own variation of __GuiCtrlTreeView_ExpandItem.


Edit: I 'hacked' the current functions to do what I needed...made _GuiCtrlTreeView_ExpandOnce (copied form _GuiCtrlTreeView_Expand) , which calls __GuiCtrlTreeView_ExpandItemOnce (copeied from __GuiCtrlTreeView_ExpandItem) , which doesn't recursively call it's self.

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