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one color letters have pixels with multiple colors

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I've build some very basic ocr engine (that heavily relies on distinguishing pixel colors) for my own needs, it works fine but I ran into a big problem, on one of my computers, white letters have only white pixels, but on other computer, white letters have multiple pixels of different colors

W2R5hA2.png        oYpLQuv.png

with single letter I don't really have a problem, but with multiple letters what also happens is that there is no visible space between and letters kinda "merge" together

also on 3rd computer I'm using it, the pixel colors changed from one day to other so I'm pretty sure there has to be a way to "fix" this

thank you for your ideas

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I can't see your images, but am pretty sure your issue is sub-pixel font rendering. Try turning off "ClearType" in your display settings while running your script to make the text stay the same color.

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On 26.2.2016 at 1:19 PM, sksjohny22 said:

some very basic ocr engine......white letters have multiple pixels of different colors....

you discovered the first step to ocr: "normalize" the letters to read them with your script.

Think about something to make the letters more "readable" i.e. less colors? Two colors may be enough...

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