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_IEAction("click")/javascript/focus issues?

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I have a page with this button on it:

<td align=right><input type=submit name="UPDATE" value="Submit request"

onClick = "if(dev.checked) JavaScript:OpenHWin('devihelp.html')"></td>


and a script

$oIEextend = _IEAttach($hWnd,"hwnd")
;"UPDATE" is the name of the "Submit request" button
$oSubmit = _IEGetObjByName($oIEextend, "UPDATE")
_IEAction($oSubmit, "click")

that works fine, unless that javascript window opens, in which case I get 

--> IE.au3 T3.0-1 Warning from function _IEGetObjByName, $_IESTATUS_NoMatch (Name: UPDATE, Index: 0)


I tried intercepting the page and rewriting the HTML, changing the 'dev.checked' variable check so that it does not trigger a 'help' page, but that has unpredictable results, opening completely different pages than those expected. 

I really don't care whether the help page displays or not, as long as it does not interfere with the main flow. Any suggestions as to how I can handle this?

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