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Need some help with HTTP requests

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Hey guys!
I'm working on a project which is supposed to fetch data about some titles in the user's collection, using MyAnimeList's API. The API is quite lacking, but looking for more on google, I found out some stuff just isn't documented.

This page here compares 3 APIs, including MAL's. 

My problem comes in here: if you scroll down to 'Metadata Terms', you can see under 'MyAnimeList' that a title's Genres can be retrieved by using 'genres'. I'm not quite sure what metadata terms are, or how I'm supposed to use this information, so could you help me out here? Right now I'm getting most of the data I need using their API (it's sent back as xml after you make an http get request. You can check out the API here), but I also need score and genre, which aren't included in the stuff you get back from the API. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough!

"The story of a blade is linked in Blood." 



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