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escaping {{somename}}

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i'm recording a script to autofill a wordpress form where i need to enter the string {{original_post_url}}
However, imacros think i am trying to send a built-in variable to it ends up writing __undefined__ to wordpress
How can i send {{original_post_url}} as a string ?

I already tryed escaping it with backslashes but it doesnt work \{\{original_post_url\}\}

Edit: sorry for previous double post, i submitted this one only once

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Hello ungovernable, welcome to the forum.

To help you help yourself, we need to see what code you have come up with so far.

That will save us time and effort, the last being wasted if we fail to understand your need ... which I currently feel I do.

You could also add comments or remarks with your code ... everything helps.

P.S. Don't forget to use the <> button when adding code.

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The { and } (curly braces) are used to signify that everything between this will be a single key (I.e, {F1} will be F1, but without the curly braces it sends the capital F and then the 1 key). So you use curly braces to signify that you need to send the corresponding curly brace.

An alternative, a little better, would be to use the clipboard (and faster)


But an even better approach is finding a solution that does not rely on send :)

ControlSend("Title/Handle to your window", "", "", "{{}{{}original_post_url{}}{}}")

Controlsend is, at least, a little better than Send.

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