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Yes i am a newbie..

In v2 i was able to make a program run, and add properties to a program as well. For instance, if i was to run the shortcut to my game.. say.. Diablo II, in the properties of this shortcut i would put -w to run the game in a window instead of having it run fullscreen.

Anyways first off, i made a .ini file. One variable would be a path/directory:

path=C:\Program Files\Game.exe

Now, at the beginning of the .au3 file, i have an ini read that works properly:


Ok, so next, in the .au3 file, i want to run this game.exe program from the variable $path. So people who want this program can configure it to their likings depending on where they installed the game into their computers. Now i have tried this and tried putting in quotes, slashes, you name it to fix the problem and nothing works. It currently looks like this:

Run("$path\Game.exe", "", @SW_MINIMIZE)

And it keeps giving me errors, does anyone know how to fix this?

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Variable names do not go in quotes. Use & to join variables and strings.

Run($path & "\Game.exe")

There is one catch: If your path name contains spaces, you may need to surround the entire file/path in quotation marks. To represent a quotation mark you can use either '"' or """".

Run('"' & $path & "\Game.exe" & '"')


Run("""" & $path & "\Game.exe" & """")

Hope that helps

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