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Autoit and receiveing mail from POP

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Did anyone ever write a script that actaully read emails for a POP server? I need to write a script that sits and reads emails and performs different tasks triggered by emails with certain subjects. Also, deletes these emails when it's don't with the task

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Awesome thanks for all the help!

I was able to send and recive EMAIL with all your help from regular smtp/pop servers.

However there is one "but" here if smtp server requires SSL connection (read gmail.com) then nothing works. Even CDO.Message with SSL = true doesn't work.

I'm trying a different approach here to use Outlook express instead and control it with AutoIt. The problem here though is I don't have a DLL or a COM object that can drive the UI. Did anyone write a DLL that would take ClassIds and Names of UI elements from UISpy and send messages to them or I'm going to have to write my own?

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