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[Resolved] RichEdit not working with @CRLF?

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So looks like "BitOR($GUI_SS_DEFAULT_EDIT, $ES_READONLY" was causing problems - I removed these, and looks good now. I see there's a separate ReadOnly in RichEdit, so I'll use that ^_^


Hi again everyone!


I've got myself to a nice place with basic autoit functionality, however I wanted to go a little extra with my ability to colour and highlight lines - so I'm trying to move over to RichEdit.


Instantly though I'm having problems unfortunately - @CRLF doesn't seem to work, or even simply "&". As an example

_GUICtrlRichEdit_InsertText($Edit1, "Selected " & @CRLF & "Test")

Returns output of:

Selected Selected Selected Selected 

When I hit it multiple times. Everything after the first "&" is just...gone.

I also tried with "AppendText" and get the same output.

Am I doing something really silly here, is this an issue with the latest AutoIt, or is there any better alternative to RichEdit? 


Thanks as always for any insight you guys can give!


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