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Best Text Match to Known List

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I have tried to search the forums and did not find an answer to what I was looking for, likely I was searching for the wrong information. If I overlooked something please point me in the right direction.

I am using Tesseract on a scanned pdf image to convert that to text. The results are very good, but not 100% perfect. I do have some extra knowledge: the scanned text comes from a finite list. Is there a way to "check" the OCR result against the known list and return the closest match?

Again, if this is addressed somewhere else please point me in the proper direction.


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I've had the same problems with MODI (Microsoft image-text converter)...luckily, there are some functions in examples forum where you can take an expected string, versus some string you get from OCR, and see how many characters are different...you can then loop through the possibilities until you find the one with the fewest character differences.  Unfortunately I don't recall the UDF, but do a search for typos, and you might get it.

Edit, best I could find:


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