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save file and create backup with timestamp

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Hello, Im total beginner to autoIt
Its posibble to make a script to work in any active aplication  to have this funcionality?:
after pressing ctrl+shift+s make 2 jobs at once:

1) save actual file (the same like save command in file menu or ctrl+s)

2) make (in the same folder) save of this file with original name of this file+date+time of this save (Its like save as with exstra date and time)

e.g. after editing file "example.txt" in folder  I want to have file "example.txt" (with saved changes) and backup file "example 20160312 22:05:13.txt" (also with saved changes after editing)

The great addon for excel (ASAP Utilities) have this feature but of course its works only in excel. And it will be great have this functionality in any program (Word, Notepad, Krita etc).

can anyone make this script?

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