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LABVIEW - import autoit function into labview

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Hi guys, 

i used autoit few years ago, many of the function like "send" is very useful to simulate keyboard stroke.

i am trying to bring autoit function into labview, reason is because company IT regulation does not allow me to install autoit, but i really love to have autoit function to be used by labview, 

do you know how to use autoit function in labview? 

or in another words, how can i know what is happening behind the scene when autoit execute a line such as Send("^c")

is autoit actually calling some user32.dll which is native to window OS?

thanks for your help guys.

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@_CHIN_ AutoIt makes use of the Windows API. So pretty much anything you want to know you can find reading through MSDN. The help file will assist you in your search. For example, if you look at the _WinAPI_Beep function in the help file, there is a link to the MSDN article for that function. This will give you an idea (in a broad sense at least) of what is happening "behind the scenes".

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