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HELP Best Way FileWrite FileOpen ANSI

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Zeus ate greek rock dad - aka google search...

So be-ith Kronus as his father's father; and before that!  So be-ith Uranus not to tell the diff between a rock.  If one were to see a mainframe from the All Mighty Glow Cloud, Are u swallowed up as the other.  The cute & cuddly is now the monster.  aut by the handle of AU3 cannot see human readable ANSI as the language quickens harth agane.  Do not clap one hand.  It will be long before you hear.  It may already be just a future memory in the matrix of a past that never really was, as the lost keys of dos shareware.

( referring inferring [Click My UTF8 ANSI QuizTest] https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/181273-click-my-utf8-ansi-quiztest/#comment-1301796 post )

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