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differences running in Scite vs.EXE

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i have just written what i thought was a very simple program:

get data

open up a LibreOffice Calc

put the data in the spreadsheet

save, then click export to .pdf

then done.

works fine and totally as expected when running in Scite - but not so much in either the x32 or x64 compiled versions.

 - it works even to the point of creating the .pdf file, BUT the compiled versions start Adobe (i can see it in TaskManager) but logic/control does NOT ever swap to the Adobe screen in the compiled versions and it DOES when running in Scite. nothing else seems affected.

- those familiar with LibreOffice will know the dialogue box on "Export to PDF" has a check box that says "View PDF after Export" - this is always checked.

- i'm running on Windows 10 ***added: and using the "OOoCalc" functions found on this site - i undertand the Save and the Sort have problems, i use neither, my problem happens after writing the data and before using SaveAs i have a MsgBox to stop flow at that point.

- i'm sorry if this has been discussed before elsewhere - i did try searching, but found nothing similar.

thank you

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see *** up above.

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Try adding #RequireAdmin on the top of your script and see what it gives. If you are running scite as Admin then your script can interact with elevated windows that are running as Admin or require Admin. When you compile it, you might be loosing this privilege.

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thanks AutID - i do have #RequireAdmin

i've thought about this. Scite did it's job. AutoIt did it's job. My code is doing it's job. LibreOffice is doing it's job.even Adobe does it's job - each individually!

if everybody is doing it's job, and Adobe get's invoked (it is in the TaskManager) it just doesn't "complete" and display the file.

 - i'm blaming Windows 10

i have a friend that has a windows 8.1 and Windows 7 box - i'll try it there and follow up here. 

so, same code, same (version of) Scite, same (version of) LibreOffice, same Adobe, but with Windows 7 - both running in Scite AND resulting (32).exe & (64).exe ALL work as expected - again i say Windows 10! - i will be trying this on a Windows 8.1 box soon. i've had nothing but minor irritants like this (and a couple major irritants) with Windows 10! anyone else?

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