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differences running in Scite vs.EXE

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i have just written what i thought was a very simple program:

get data

open up a LibreOffice Calc

put the data in the spreadsheet

save, then click export to .pdf

then done.

works fine and totally as expected when running in Scite - but not so much in either the x32 or x64 compiled versions.

 - it works even to the point of creating the .pdf file, BUT the compiled versions start Adobe (i can see it in TaskManager) but logic/control does NOT ever swap to the Adobe screen in the compiled versions and it DOES when running in Scite. nothing else seems affected.

- those familiar with LibreOffice will know the dialogue box on "Export to PDF" has a check box that says "View PDF after Export" - this is always checked.

- i'm running on Windows 10 ***added: and using the "OOoCalc" functions found on this site - i undertand the Save and the Sort have problems, i use neither, my problem happens after writing the data and before using SaveAs i have a MsgBox to stop flow at that point.

- i'm sorry if this has been discussed before elsewhere - i did try searching, but found nothing similar.

thank you

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see *** up above.
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thanks AutID - i do have #RequireAdmin

i've thought about this. Scite did it's job. AutoIt did it's job. My code is doing it's job. LibreOffice is doing it's job.even Adobe does it's job - each individually!

if everybody is doing it's job, and Adobe get's invoked (it is in the TaskManager) it just doesn't "complete" and display the file.

 - i'm blaming Windows 10

i have a friend that has a windows 8.1 and Windows 7 box - i'll try it there and follow up here. 

so, same code, same (version of) Scite, same (version of) LibreOffice, same Adobe, but with Windows 7 - both running in Scite AND resulting (32).exe & (64).exe ALL work as expected - again i say Windows 10! - i will be trying this on a Windows 8.1 box soon. i've had nothing but minor irritants like this (and a couple major irritants) with Windows 10! anyone else?

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