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AutoIT Form Filler (first big project)

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Hello AutoIT scripters.  I have been working on this form filler for close to 4-5 months now (in between school and full time job is hard :().  But I think it is finally to the quality where I feel comfortable pushing it out.  To sum it up, it is a script which I started writing back when I was looking for a job to help with the tedious process of filling out online job applications as well as standard online info for logging into accounts.  I have found that using standard form fillers are not always accurate since they rely on the html tags to input data, and sometimes those tags are not correct, thus the form filler skips over it or inputs the incorrect data value.  This script allows users to input their information, encrypts it using AES before writing it to a file, and decrypts the value read from the file (so the only place actual data is not encrypted is within the program GUI).  You select all data you need to input into a given form, send it all to the "input" GUI and listview, then use one of the two methods to input the data: when click "start", the selected listview item will "send" itself to the input when you click the mouse and the mouse cursor is displayed as I-beam, or click clipboard and data value is copied to clipboard, separate application is launched which, in the event the context menu is disabled, allows you to perform multiple clipboard operations with the mouse (double-click right mouse performs paste, hold down right mouse performs copy, etc).  This might seem like a very simplistic script to some, as there is still much I don't know about coding/programming in general.  So have at it and give me some feedback.  Would love to hear what you think:

Zip containing all relevant files



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