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I have been working on some relatively simple code for a program I will use in the workplace, to clean computers and such 

I am having the hardest time finding a link for adwcleaner that is not a temp link, so is there a way to bypass the link? and just grab the .exe?

When I try to use inetget it works, but the link will only last a few days and then I have to rebuild the exe's with an up to date link 

I currently have the code performing an _IECreate(to the adw site) and then a series of sleep and send statements, not ideal to say the least 

Any help would be appreciated


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I don't know what adwcleaner is and I can't find the actual site for it, just file hosting sites. You could always host it yourself on a server (Your workplace perhaps?). If not a server you have access to then you can use some free online server (I've used them in the past, extremely unreliable), pay for a server (can get one relatively cheap), create your own free website that will host a download link for the latest version and can even save the file on your website (weebly allows you to upload files under a certain mb size and can download from the site. create a page that just has the url for the latest download), or use dropbox.

If you overwrite the file in dropbox, instead of deleting it first, it will preserve the download URL for the file. I've used dropbox in the past to host a program I released and kept updated for many, many, months and never changed the url ;)

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Thank you for the help, I was unable to respond this morning when I saw this post

But, we did manage to get the exe from the site circumventing the temporary link using some php code to download load

Thanks again 

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