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My installer is developed using InstallAnywhere. I want to automate the installation but AutoIT window Info is unable to  locate object on window. It just shows class name "SunAwtClass". Can AutoIT is able to automates installer developed using Install Anywhere? 

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@RahulGhule, welcome to AutoIt and to the forum!

InstallAnywhere, like any decent installer, supports both silent and unattended installation modes (which are not the same). see here.

besides, you say you are considering AutoIt to automate installation on Windows, therefore i assume your installed application is a Windows application, not Linux/Mac/whatever. InstallAnywhere is a multi-platform installer, so it is using Java. Java is not using Windows controls, therefore it does not play well with AutoIt (search the forum for Java-related topics).

so it seems your choice of InstallAnywhere is not ... optimal.

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