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AutoIt Script and GUI from AutoItX3 ?

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I was curious on the same thing, or what would have to be done to get more of autoit into the dll

I also know that most of it would be in fact duplicate work, but autoit has this nice advantage over something like vb6... a simple reference system that one can understand, with out traversing up and down and through whatever little tiny doorways that you must to figure out how to use one function in vb6 B)

(Ya, I know its stupid to be learing vb6 at this stage of the game, especially considering I know c#, I also know that the framework for .net is not something that I want to deal with, and C++ gives me a headache)

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I doubt the AutoItX library/com interface will ever contain GUI creation because when you are making calls to it, you should already know how to make a GUI in the first language. Whats wrong with .NET?

Nothing wrong. Only not the target platform.

>you should already know how to make a GUI in the first language.

But the first language is a compiled one and has no feature to script a GUI dynamicly!

Also adding a script-language to such app would be interesting.

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