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hello, new user to AUTOIT,



I was wondering if its possible to do the following:-


1) if a (downloaded) file is an xml file then do x, if a downloaded files is a zip file then do y

2) we download "sales orders" from a website, each sales order has a unique code (for example 33598)

The script ideally would find the next number up from when it was last ran and click the same distance to the right of that number (to download the file)

is this possible?




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Yes definitely possible.   You'd need to save the last file number in a file for the program to reference after it shut down.  There's no need to click on anything bc the file can be opened using other methods depending on what your trying to accomplish. 

To determine the file extension you'd basically need to make a _FileListToArray then use the list to do a stringright () function to isolate the extension.   The do whatever you need to do from there.  That step maybe skipped for a more sophisticated method.

I'd write a small example but I'm at work on a smartphone and it's kinda a pita.

To accurately click link use _ieclicklinkbytext ()


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Look at a browser UDF (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). I'm sure there's a way to parse the page for the download link without using MouseClick(x + some magic number, y + some magic number). I don't know what your url would look like but most will have the file name at the end of the url and that would include the extension.



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Ok i have down the IF statement for filetype by simply launching a batch file,


The one i am stuck on is generate a sequential number ( not need to click as ive found the number is in the URL!)


but i will also need a IF statement that says if the generatednumber containing the url bring back a  error 404 within the page to stop the script


any help?



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hello friend..

Please read the manual..

i use this code!



$sFileName = FileFindNextFile($hSearch)
        ; If there is no more file matching the search.
        If @error Then ExitLoop

                    if StringRight( $sFileName , 4 ) = ".zip" then
                        ;do this
                        elseif StringRight( $sFileName , 4  )= ".xml" then
                        ;do that





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