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Hello. I have a script with a INI. This INI will be updated every x week. I want to add a sort of automatic update of this file.

The first thing i have do is add this line:


For see if there is an updated version- But now i need a website where host-edit this file. I need some feature:

1) Free :D better ads-free if is possible and easy to manage

2) Possibility with direct download the file using autoit, no captcha or things like that or i don't know how to proceed

3) Possibility to edit the file directy online, better with a password or another security system so i can make all change without upload the file. If the link change is a problem to download it with a compile script, the link must be "static" for this reason i can't upload it everytime and also i don't like it :D

My first choice was Github but is too way complex for me and the task i want to do. Suggestions? Thanks


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You could use some free website designing site like weebly. Then you can just have a page just as a .txt (or .ini) file that you can use InetRead instead of downloading the file. I had a webpage for version that just hosted a download link for a .txt file. I could use InetRead the url for the .txt file and not have to download the .txt file.

You could also use dropbox. If you just overwrite the file on dropbox, and they're both named the same, then the download URL is preserved and not changed. Just don't delete the download then upload the new one.

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