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It must be the fourth or fifth time I've needed to retreive the pid of the active window, so I wrote a little function that does the job.

The function returns a 2 element array containing the pid and handle of the active window, respectively.

Many of you will probably find it useless, but here it goes


Sorry lads, I forgot I had a commented msg box in the script i used to debug

I've just realized there is no such thing as get the pid of the active window, so I'm a bit surprised this subject hasn't been posted before.


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You're totally right. I corrected it in the first post and thanks for your comment.

Oops ! I probably should have told you to keep _WinGetActive or some such... To keep the namespace in-line with the other WinFuctions :"> So instead of GetActiveWin, something like _WinGetActive would "fit" better.


I think a while ago someone posted a _WinGetPID function, or something along that line...

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Thanks for replying and please forgive me for not doing so promtly (my internet connection got cut off during the week end, so I've some catching up to do). I wrote a few similar functions, but I believe I never posted them as udf, just as code.

I'll ammend the udf and post it again. The good news is that there's quite a bit that can be done on the window handle and process id matching, so there's a hell of a lot of room for improvement on this one. Probably by the time I'm done with it, it won't turn out to be such a bore.

Thanks for your comments.


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