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Strange results with PixelCheckSum

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I'm a great fan of AutoIt (started with AutoIt 2). Now I changed to Version 3 and tried the new GUI functions. With the PixelCheckSum function I get different results for the same content of a window.java script:emoticon("B)",


From a main window, generated with GUICreate, I launch a remote desktop connection with the Run command. Then I switch to the Remote Desktop Window with WinActivate and perform a PixelCheckSum. I can make this calculation multiple times with the same result from PixelCheckSum. But when I move the main window, the result of PixelCheckSum changes even the Remote Desktop Window on which I run the PixelCheckSum is activated and the content is the same. I use window relative coordinates. OS is Win 2000.

What I'm doing wrong? Isn't WinActivate enough to select the proper Window for PixelCheckSum? Or is it a HW issue (I don't believe, 2 different PCs show the same behaviour)?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I tried the Option BGR but without success. Meanwhile I found out what the problem is but I do not understand it completely.

The Remote Desktop Window on which I perform the PixelCheckSum seems to be a kind of transparent. The result of PixelCheckSum depends on the background (that means what is behind the window). So when I moved the main window it was often under the Remote Desktop Window and that caused the failures. Now I have fixed it by placing an empty dummy image behind the Remote Desktop Window which isolates it from desktop or other windows. It's not a very elegant solution but it works.

However, I don't know whether this Remote Desktop sofware uses some special video/grafic modes or is writing direct into the video ram of the grafics card.

Is there perhaps another way to make it work (without the dummy "background" window)?

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