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send enter after text has been written?

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hi again, i dont know if this is allowed but, im working on a spambot for anygame, im not gonna release the source OR the .exe. but ill give an example.

what i want is, it sends the users input and it has to finish writing the text the user inputs THEN it presses enter key.


$input = GUIctrlcreateinput("",x,x,x,x)
$button = GUIctrlcreatebutton("spam",x,x,x,x)

While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
    Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

      Case $Msg = button
Send (GUIctrlread($input))
send ("{ENTER}")

Case Else




i could use, sleep(xxxx) but the users input might be longer to be written then the milliseconds. so i needa know WHEN it finished writing the users input THEN pressing the enter key.

This is not my whole script, because i dont want it to be public.

if this isnt allowed, then simply close this thread without notice.

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Send (GUIctrlread($input) & "{ENTER}")

this should work fine, and so should what you have there already. have you tested this? because the send command will finish sending before it continues in the script.

you shouldnt be having any problems....

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